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About SOAL U

Summer of a Lifetime

Illuminate a spirit of innovation & creativity to shape solutions for a bright, sustainable, and inclusive future


We strive to unite students from diverse  socioeconomic, cultural, geographic, and racial  backgrounds through shared summer educational  experiences at the top universities in the nation in  order to develop and prepare the next generation of  leaders with the social capital, critical thinking skills,  and leadership-building experiences that will prepare  them for our diverse, complex, and technologically  driven world.

Our Values

→ SOAL U unites an economically, culturally, racially, and geographically diverse group of high school students to live for two weeks in the university dormitories

→  Innovative STEAM curriculum taught by Princeton professors

→ Hands-on project-based learning experiences

→ Focus on leadership development & cross-cultural competencies

→ Integrated Diversity Drives Students’ “Belief in Belonging” at a Top University